Welcome to the home page of Saar Rahav’s research group at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology – located in Haifa, Israel.

Left: A molecular machines synthesized in an experiment. Right: A theoretical model of the system. The model consists of three binding sites arranged on a ring

Left: A synthetic molecular motor synthesized by the Leigh group [Nature, 424, 174 (2003)]. Right: A theoretical model, in which the smaller ringlike molecule spends most of its time near one of three binding stations.

We use a variety of theoretical approaches to study the thermodynamics and the fluctuations of small out-of-equilibrium systems, such as molecular machines and quantum heat engines. We are also interested in the connections between information and thermodynamics.

We are affiliated with the Schulich faculty of Chemistry.

We are looking for graduate students and postdocs! Follow the link for more information.