• Thermodynamics of small systems
    An advanced course aiming to introduce students to notions from nonequlibrium statistical mechanics and their application to systems such as molecular machines. The course starts with a short review of equlibrium statistical mechanics. Then theoretical approach for the description of out of equilibrium systems, based on Langevin dynamics or on the Master equation, are introduced. These approaches are applyed to a veraity of symple model for microscopic machines and engines. Special emphasis is placed on obtaining a thermodynamically consistent description. Other special topics, such as fluctuation theorems, are also covered. The course aims to bring students to a level where they can read and understand much of the current literature on the subjects covered.


  • Statistical Thermodynamics
    Starting from the upcoming spring semester I will be teaching the course Statistical Thermodynamics. The course covers basic equilibrium statistical mechanics, and its application to topics such as ideal gases, chemical equilibrium and more. More information will be available soon.

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